How to make a simple decoration for a simple children’s furniture?

For families with babies, if a house is renovated, children’s furniture may be the most concerned issue for the whole family. Everyone knows that the children are very expensive now. For children’s furniture decoration, a set of children’s furniture may be many times higher than that of adult furniture. Parents are afraid that the decoration and the pollution caused by children’s furniture will harm the children’s health. Today, teach you how to properly carry out children’s furniture renovation work and the best children’s furniture selection.

How to make a simple decoration for a simple children's furniture?

The safety of materials used in children’s furniture. Because the children are active, the life of the wallpaper is often not long, so many parents choose to paint the wall with paint. Everyone should be careful when choosing paints. The chemical substances in the unqualified paints will have adverse effects on human health, and will have great health hazards for children in developmental stages. Parents are advised to go to the store personally. Choose paint.

 Environmental security. If the impact of the safety of paint on children is subtle, then the safety of the environment is instantaneous. Whether the furniture is stable, the screws are not tightened, the fragile goods, the sharp edges of the furniture, and the high bed may be a threat to the child’s personal safety. The height of the bed is preferably 30-40cm. Sharp corners should be protected with anti-collision strips. Fragile items and sharp objects are placed farther away from the children’s room and further away.

Let the children participate in the arrangement. The children’s room is not for you to live in, don’t put the house in full accordance with what you like. When the child is still young, listen to his parents, but after the child grows up, you have to listen to them. Children like Piglet, you don’t want to stuff a room with HelloKitty. It is recommended not to make the room style too clear, in order to facilitate the change of style behind, after all, children are very easy to like new and old. And don’t fill the room at first, leaving some room for the child to freely use his imagination.

Storage. In the children’s room, there will inevitably be a variety of colorful toys. If you don’t pay attention to the storage, it is not only easy to lose, but also may make the child grow into a self-centered person. Parents should take the children together to pack the toys and let the TA know that the “bad” that they made is going to be cleaned up.

Can grow. It’s a pity that a young man who doesn’t have a baby plan can vacate a house. It can be used as a study or a leisure room. This is a children’s room when the child is young. This is the bedroom of TA after the child grows up. In either case, there is no such thing as a “change”.

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