Parents should pay attention to the placement of children’s furniture

 Children’s furniture placement requirements in line with children’s psychological characteristics and safety considerations, in order to prevent unexpected seizures, children’s mischievous words, but also to pay attention to sharp family, as far as possible to move out of a useful broad space. Children’s furniture should also be in line with ergonomic principles, should be based on the age of children to decorate children’s rooms, select the corresponding style of children’s furniture. The height of the tabletop and chair must be suitable, so as to avoid the formation of child myopia.
And the toy rack is not too high, to children can freely take toys as the principle.

 Parents should pay attention to the placement of children's furniture

Children are in the developmental stage, limbs and spinal bones are not finished, the bed is too soft, easy to form a child’s bone deformation, children’s choice of mats can not be too soft, palm mats are a good choice. The bed should be out of the window, the desk should be placed in a well-lit area, and if the desk is placed sideways, it should ensure that the light is shining from the left.

On the placement of the desk, also pay attention to the plug board do not place on the table or simply touch the local area, to avoid the risk of attack. Don’t put high objects on top of the desk, because the child is very simple to knock it down, resulting in children prone to injury. Desk do not right to the door, let the child in the study will not feel the back of the always someone to supervise him, the formation of depressed feelings.

 Parents should pay attention to the placement of children's furniture

The color of children’s furniture decoration is also important, parents can choose the corresponding color according to the character of their children. The mischievous child can choose between blue or white, while the contrasting introvert can choose warm shades such as red and yellow.

A little more storage space let children from an early age to develop the habit of classification, the bedroom children’s furniture is to let the child a little more storage space, to put in the child can touch the place, from a young age to train their own hands-on housework talent, directly placed on the ground storage box is the best choice, the best preparation of some large boxes, Be able to pack the toys they want to play with at any time, so that they can adhere to a good collection of classification habits from an early age. Because children love to doodle on the walls, they can place a drawing board on the wall and leave it to children to draw.

 Parents should pay attention to the placement of children's furniture

Children’s furniture placement, as responsible parents should pay attention to, most parents to children’s furniture requirements know less, most children’s furniture in the details of safety and environmental protection level quality is not very good, resulting in children prone to injury.

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