Selection requirements for children’s beds

Let the child can grow up healthily, a comfortable living environment is very important, and the decoration of children’s room, high-quality sleep has a vital role to the child’s development, and whether the child can sleep sweet, bed is a certain role!Let’s learn how to shop for children’s beds.

Children’s bed refers to the child used as a sleeping bed, according to the child’s different age, can be divided into cradle bed, crib, baby cot and so on. In the selection of the first color rich, different colors can stimulate the child’s visual nerves, the ever-changing pattern can meet the child’s curiosity about the world. Children’s room in the color and space matching is best to be bright, relaxed, pleasant as the choice of direction, may wish to more than a bit of contrast color. Children’s beds can also be used as children grow up. The main role of children’s beds is to give children more self-adaptation, self-growth space, so that children grow up freely, while giving children a good night’s sleep, to help children grow up.

Selection requirements for children's beds

Children’s beds as children’s furniture, safety should always be put first. When choosing a children’s bed, avoid only the beautiful choice of more complex pattern bed, because the prominent carving is likely to scratch the child, hollow pattern also let the naughty child’s fingers are stuck the chance of a lot. Also to try to avoid the appearance of angle, the corner of the children’s bed must be arc edge, you can touch with your hand, choose the corner smooth to ensure the safety of the baby. There can be no hazards such as wood spurs and metal nail heads.

Selection requirements for children's beds

When it comes to the materials of children’s beds, common materials such as wood, artificial plates, plastics, aluminum alloys, etc., but not all materials are healthy, of which the best material is logs. Parents before buying, to ask clear bed materials, but also pay attention to paint, solid wood surface to paint water-based paint for the best. It is best to choose a famous brand of children’s beds at the time of purchase, natural and not harmful to human substances.

The choice of paint should be lead-free non-toxic non-irritating paint. Be careful not to buy children’s beds that stimulate strong odors.
Paint can be distinguished by nasal smell, if the furniture with a strong irritating smell, indicating that the formaldehyde content is seriously exceeded, such furniture firmly can not move home.

Functional bed refers to the combination of the bed body and cabinet, generally speaking, the bookshelf or wardrobe and the bed body combined. The most obvious benefit of this functional bed is its powerful collection function, which can hold books or clothes and clutter. The combination of bed body and cabinet body saves a lot of indoor space, has an important storage function.

Selection requirements for children's beds

Disney Children’s Beds is officially known worldwide for its cartoon image, and it has provided a world of childlike interest for tens of millions of children. Its color bed, hand-painted bed, pine bed, etc. , in the display of a wonderful fairy tale world at the same time, but also to ensure safety and environmental protection, save space high and low bed design, handrails neatly sorted hollow Mickey Mouse graphics, will certainly win the hearts of children. Pure natural pine wood to create wood children’s furniture reflects environmental protection and safety.
Children’s growth space is very important, so children’s furniture can not be casually selected.

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