The importance of children’s furniture can not be ignored

Believe that parents most want to protect their children, all hope that children can be safe, healthy, happy. Often in children’s furniture, children’s furniture design many details if not paid attention to or do not pay attention to the child’s future safety risks. Share with you today the very important information about children’s furniture.

The importance of children's furniture can not be ignored

Whether it is adult furniture or children’s furniture, furniture pollutants to children are many times more harmful to children! But furniture pollutants more than formaldehyde, such as benzene, TVOC, paint, latex paint, adhesive, plate has formaldehyde, in addition to curtain bed clothes carpet and other fabrics may also contain formaldehyde!

It can be said that formaldehyde is everywhere, so children’s furniture selection, environmental protection issues must pay special attention! Children’s room decoration must be installed guardrails, children from the window drop news is very common, so children’s room windows must be protective bar!

These basic precautions must be in place, anticipate the dangers that may occur in advance, and kill them! Children’s room design socket, to install in the child can not touch the location, socket installation height is standard specification, and some sockets will be installed in the corner, young children are curious about the world, will touch the feeling with their hands, if careless fingers into the socket, the consequences are serious!

So although the socket installation height has standards, but to the specific situation analysis, combined with the actual situation and needs of children at home to do the design. In order to prevent children from being overwhelmed by furniture, playing when bumps and other accidents, higher cabinets to install anti-dumpers, the ground should also be spread with soft carpet, but pay attention to the environmental protection of materials! Children’s room furniture can be full of childlike fun, but children’s furniture is not recommended too colorful. Many owners will decorate their children’s rooms like amusement parks, full of children’s fun!

The importance of children's furniture can not be ignored

But too bright children’s furniture color will give children’s vision to cause a certain impact, not conducive to the child’s growth and rest! Children’s room placement potted plants to pay attention to, green plants do have the effect of purifying the air, but stinging plants such as cactus, roses and so on are not recommended to put in the child’s room, it is easy to cause the child to be stabbed. I hope that parents learn the above knowledge, do not let our children because of children’s furniture injury.

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