The Importance of Children’s Furniture Design

In addition to taking care of the aesthetic of adults, our family should also take into account the problem of furniture if there are children in the family. Because children are younger, they need special furniture, we call children’s furniture, children’s furniture design is related to children’s growth and health. How should children’s furniture be designed?

First of all, the design of children’s furniture must meet the needs of different stages of children’s growth. With the development of age, children’s height will change significantly, preschoolers are difficult to apply to children in high school. The modularity of the parts allows the furniture itself to be large to small, through a single piece or a combination of multiple parts to accommodate the child’s elevation. Children can also according to their own preferences of the idea of swinging at will, according to the shape of changes to let the child control of furniture, to avoid children’s furniture for a certain amount of time does not apply and throw away the waste of the situation.

The Importance of Children's Furniture Design

Therefore, in order to take advantage of the limited space, the use of multi-functional adjustable furniture has become the expansion space, to meet the best choice for children’s activities. This can increase the value of furniture, multi-functional integration, such as children’s beds, lockers, children’s desks, wardrobes, bookshelves and so on combined into new furniture. Either use the external form, or you can use the inner space, so that a piece of furniture has a variety of functions, adapt to the child’s certain growth stage, the child can be based on the combination of height to piece together the furniture suitable for their height. Of course, children in the use of the process, pay attention to the interface between furniture, careful scratch escuppering and other safety issues.

The Importance of Children's Furniture Design

According to the ergonomic principle to determine the size and installation height of functional components, functional area design is reasonable, at different ages, the need for different furniture scale, assembly scale is not the same. According to the different stages of children’s growth and living habits, consider each stage of the child’s height problem, the child’s growth, the physical growth is very important, the right child furniture can help the child to grow up more healthy.

The Importance of Children's Furniture Design

With the growth of children, aesthetics and values are also growing, complex personalized furniture is easy to be abandoned by children, only simple furniture adaptability is relatively strong.Also, according to the child’s childlike, can be appropriate in the appearance of the furniture to add some cartoon patterns to attract children’s interest.

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