The purchase of children’s bed is very important and can not be ignored

Many parents in the children’s bed, will be very entangled, do not know what kind of good to buy, will consider the safety of this bed is good, is not environmental protection, there is now on the market for children’s beds style is too much, then I will introduce the children’s bed to buy what and what size of the children’s bed.

The purchase of children's bed is very important and can not be ignored

When buying a bed, take into account the child’s age, see what his age is suitable for, older children should not buy too childish appearance of children’s beds. Children’s bed color, try to choose a more soft color, do not choose the harsh color, such a color will let the child too excited, resulting in the child can not sleep, and do not choose too hard or too soft bed, too hard, will fall asleep uncomfortable, too soft children will be dangerous when turning over. Children’s lumbar spine is still developing, should not use too soft mattress, otherwise will make the child’s lumbar spine injury, pay attention to the mattress should not be more than 10cm thick.

To pay special attention to environmental protection, is to buy children’s beds, first look at whether there is an environmental protection certificate, and then smell the smell of the bed, if smelled a very pungent smell, it is recommended not to buy, because these smells are often caused by excessive amounts of formaldehyde.When buying a children’s bed, must determine whether the bed is safe, it is best to choose a very strong bed, first observe the surface of the lower bed, see if there are no prominent parts, try to choose a flat bed.

The purchase of children's bed is very important and can not be ignored

Once we’ve determined the style of the children’s bed, we’ll have to consider what size your child needs. 1200 x 2000 mm bed, this size of the bed is more common, but pay attention to the use of materials must be particularly good, the foot of the bed is to be made of hardware, oak bed posts, high density meter DF and metal made of skeleton arrangement, bed headplate and pedal high density rice DF and bed using melamine plate made. Children’s beds are best chosen to be adjustable, as the body changes as children age, and adjustable beds are a good choice in order to avoid the size of children’s beds that are not suitable for a quick time. Now the furniture market, more common children’s bed size, generally 1200 x 2000 mm, and is the use of special environmentally friendly materials. Solid wood oak bed pillars, iron frames and wooden row skeletons, headofta and high density fiberboard slabs by the bed. Children’s beds in the bedroom location should be as far away from direct sunlight as possible, because uv light will be on the bed Shanghai, the bedroom should also pay attention to ventilation.

About children’s bed shopping to pay attention to what and what size of the children’s furniture is introduced to this, children’s bed purchase, parents will be very heart-to-heart, very entangled in the choice of which children’s bed friends, more master some skills is good.

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