You must know about children’s furniture design techniques

With the furniture market segmentation in recent years began to start soon, many aspects are not mature, but also lack of corresponding supervision and standards, therefore, the quality of children’s furniture news reports in recent years is also very common, especially children’s furniture safety issues are the focus of consumer attention, So more and more parents began to pay attention to the knowledge of the children’s furniture be designed, in order to give children a good space. So you know how to buy children’s furniture? Parents must see children’s furniture shopping tips together to see it.

You must know about children's furniture design techniques

Children’s furniture to buy environmental protection, now, many businesses in order to profit, the productmaterials sold will remain a lot of problems, newly bought children’s furniture generally contains special odors, such as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, TVOC and other volatile organic gases, these pollutants in the room once absorbed into the body, will be dizzy, will occur dizziness, Nausea and other uncomfortable conditions, so when shopping, be sure to see if it is environmentally friendly.

Children’s furniture design to be sleek, as we all know, children like to play in the room, if placed in the room furniture shape is more sharp, it is easy to make them accidentally scratch, scratch, so in the selection of furniture, should try to choose a rounded shape, both beautiful and safe. In the selection of children’s furniture, but also in accordance with the child’s development, a high degree of control, if the furniture is too high, not only will the child’s safety is a threat, at the same time in the use of extremely inconvenient, this is not to be underestimated.

You must know about children's furniture design techniques

Children’s furniture should not be too bright, although the bright color system for the child’s growth is beneficial, easy to make them develop an active personality, but you know what? Most bright oil colors contain heavy metals such as lead. Parents in the purchase of children’s furniture, to carefully check the furniture test report is a simple plate test, it is best to choose the adhesive use of small amount of furniture, its formaldehyde content is relatively low (children’s wood furniture formaldehyde release should be 1.5mg/L)

About children’s furniture design skills to share this, children are parents of treasure, design furniture we recommend the choice of daao furniture design, give children a green, safe and comfortable growth environment.

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